Welcome to the Pet Grooming Academy

Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, The Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy offers a wide variety of pet grooming techniques and skills needed to excel as a professional groomer.

You will learn to maintain care, and handle pets in preparation for working in a salon or in the pet grooming industry as a manager, handler, or entrepreneur. Our curriculum includes hands-on experience working in our own grooming salon, The Yuppy Puppy. Upon successful completion of the program and meeting all course requirements, you will recieve a diploma that will open the door to one of today's most exciting and fulfilling careers.

We understand the value of a good education. We approve your tuition financing regardless of your credit history! As long as you meet
some easy requirements you
can start class ASAP!
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Get Started at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy, Inc.

It's easy to get started at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy. The process is laid out in three steps that are quick and easy to follow. In no time, you can be on your way to a fun and exciting career in pet grooming! So come join us in an actual groom salon and learn from the best.

Meet the Instructor at the Pet Grooming Academy

Our Instructor has years of experience, and is ready to help you succeed. Come learn from the very best in the industry and see why the Tampa Bay Are Pet Grooming Academy is one of the top schools for pet grooming.

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Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to see first-hand what others think of a business. Below are some of the latest things our customers are saying about Tampa Bay Pet Grooming Academy.

"I am busy busy. I am booked about two weeks out, now, and getting about five calls or emails a day for service. I worked pretty much part time last year, taking about six weeks off and still made almost 30k. This year I will double that or more, almost all profit. The best part? I still love it. I look forward to it every day! Coming to you was the best move I ever made! Hope all is well with you and Morgan."

- Kristen

"Me & my husband want to share our success story so future students will know that you can and will succeed after school. We attended school in July 2013, traveling each day from North Port, FL. Shan provided us with a "real" atmosphere and taught us the proper techniques to provide high quality pet grooming. Not only did she give us "skills" but also all the information you need to start your own salon or mobile grooming business. Most importantly, after you graduate Shan is only a phone call away anytime you need advice. We opened our salon on Dec 9th, and YES Shan traveled to attend our grand opening as it would not have been possible without her. To date we have over 350 clients happy clients!

Please visit our website www.atomicdogpetsalon.com and check out our photo gallery, we are always happy to have visitors from the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy,Inc."

- Becky Carroll Rolli

"I went to this school and so did my daughter. We came home and applied for jobs and had to do test grooms. We were both hired that day. Two different salons. You can't go wrong with this school. If you are considering it, you should go for it. The owner, Shan, and the staff are awesome!!"

- Christy Jenkins Rodgers