More About the Pet Grooming Academy

Our placement rate is very high! When you graduate from the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy, groom shops know that you have been taught by the very best.

The Pet Academy’s Mission Statement

To provide quality specific education for the purpose of preparing students for careers in the field of pet grooming. Each student that completes the 288 hour course will have a strong foundation to achieve their occupational goals.

The mission of the academy is to teach all aspects of pet grooming to students in a timely, professional manner. The students will learn from books and videos as well as hands-on experience.

The school believes that any person willing to apply him\herself to the study of pet grooming can benefit from the training offered at the school. Pet grooming opens the door for many employment opportunities. For some, the dream of grooming for the show circuit can become a reality after years of perfecting their skills.

Student Services

Upon successful completion of the program, the academy will assist each graduate with job placement, at no additional charge. While there is no guarantee of job placement, we have direct contact with prospective employers in pet shops, veterinarians, boarding kennels, pet day care centers, pet stores, and breeders. A diploma from Tampa Bay Area Grooming Academy lets the employers know that you have received the highest quality training and have been evaluated throughout the program. Therefore, we are able to provide future employers with recommendations that they can count on.


The school will provide a list of extended stay hotels within a few miles of the school.


Our library and library resources are available for students and consists of various books about pet grooming , dog handling, dog training, and various breeds of dogs. We also have audiovisual aides, publications, and dictionaries available. A library card will be issued to students to check out resources from the library. The library is operated and maintained by our school administrator.